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Rainy day treasures


My family moved around a lot when I was little, and one such move I made was from Washington to Illinois. In my first few weeks there, I unearthed a great secret: when you don’t live in a rainy climate, teachers actually tuck away a few surprise activities for rainy days. In Seattle, the rain was always there, a persistent friend and so our school-day recesses were nothing short of ordinary, whatever the weather.

But in Illinois– oh the magic of rainy days. I looked forward to them, too excited to sleep when I heard the rain drizzling onto my roof dark in the night. Finally, I’d drift off, wondering what treasures awaited us the next morning.

I know that may seem like a strong reaction to rainy days– but during that time in my life, I loved them. Rain was the comforting constant in my life full of military moves from coast to coast, and finally to Illinois.

But back to the treasures. The days when I’m most alive are rainy days. I love those days. I relish them and when the weather outside is rainy for days and days (as it has been here in CO), it makes me more likely to stop, to think and to wonder what treasures God is storing up for me, what gifts from His good and faithful love he’s waiting to pour down.

Here are some of those rainy-day-treasures stored up for me:

The smell of the cool breeze, slightly scented of rain, but the promise of new blooms, rushing through my car window.

The vivid green leaves, the deep dark trunks of the newly awakened trees.

Wet grass against bare feet– cold, but lush.

And perhaps most exciting… more and more reasons, more and more days on the horizon to drink iced coffee. Is there a more perfect drink?

Just one of my rainy day treasures: Paris, France

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