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For every season…


Life has been busy as the start of summer arrives– so this writing exercise was the perfect way to keep me thinking, writing, creating. It was helpful too, to reflect, to pause and breathe– things I haven’t been very good at of late. The inspiration behind this post  comes from Kathy Escobar, a friend and wonderful writer. Check out her post too, and download the template for your own use.

a time for new dreams wrapped in hope and peace to be born

       and a time for unkindness–to ourselves, to others to die.

a time to plant the seeds of justice for the voices that people think are too small to be heard

     and a time to harvest loving mercy.

a time to kill the monsters of past regrets that haunt us

     and a time to heal from the wounds of yesterday.

a time to tear down the things we falsely worship: perfection, busyness, looking put together on the outside

     and a time to build up: community, real and honest; the freedom to be where we’re at, to love where we’re at.

a time to cry about feeling so alone in this journey

     and a time to laugh with the richest community I’ve experienced.

a time to grieve over the dreams I’ve had to let go of, the places I’ve left behind

     and a time to dance because of the bigger, more beautiful dreams I’m inheriting.

a time to scatter the hopes of tomorrow, plant them in fragrant soil

and a time to gather the blooms from yesterday.

a time to embrace the unknown, to step into the wild wind

and a time to turn away from my comfort zone, from being too afraid to take the first step.

a time to search for more ways to love

and a time to quit searching for the right answers, the right doctrine, the right dogma.

a time to keep good friends close

and a time to throw away the attempts to keep everyone happy.

a time to tear apart my list of shoulds

and a time to mend the list of things that my soul delights in.

a time to be quiet about the lacking

and a time to speak about the abundance.

a time to love the pure, the good, the lovely

and a time to hate the unjust, the evil, the painful.

a time for war against injustice, inequality, and corruption

and a time for peace worth pursuing, lasting, true peace.


What does your life look like this season?

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