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Stay awake. Remain here and watch. Watch and pray.

That some of the last words of Jesus to his disciples were pleadings to wake up and watch, and that they failed to stay awake time and again is enough to make my blood boil. His own friends, knowing that he was to be betrayed soon, fell asleep and could not respond to Jesus’ deepest cry for companionship.

But as it turns out, the anger in my heart? It’s directed at my own self, at my own inability to keep watch with Jesus.

We fall asleep all the time. We live our lives unaware of the great pain and suffering of our neighbors, of the longing for God that our friends and family experience. And sometimes, we spend our own lives sleeping, unaware of the tremendous love and grace God has for us.

If you’ve poked around here, you know one of my favorite quotes is from Annie Dillard who says, “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” I want to spend my life awake, in close relationship with the Father and Giver of Life.

How are you watching this Lenten season? If you don’t already have a habit of spending time in prayer, I urge you to add something to your daily routine during these forty days. Pray the Lord’s Prayer each day in the morning, and a Psalm or two each evening. It’s nothing too big, but make those moments sacred, make them your lifeline.

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