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In the desert, God provided for the Israelites a way to understand that they served no other master but God, a way to learn to rely fully and wholeheartedly on God. There were no cities to lose their way in, beguiled by the gravitational pull of money, sex, drugs or false gods. They were being prepared for ministry as God’s chosen people.

When Jesus went into the desert, he went to prepare, to be prepared by the Father to reject the temptations of the evil one and to begin the journey that would ultimately lead him to the cross as our Messiah.

We spend these forty days of Lent, not giving up immaterial things like sugar, TV, or caffeine, but fasting from those things that keep us (or could keep us) in bondage. We give up television or video games to spend more time with God. We fast to prepare our hearts for the great act of exodus, the act our souls wait for: the resurrection of Jesus, the moment which God’s redemption floods our present world.

How are you waiting for God this Lenten season? Would you consider fasting from something, something that can be replaced with a hunger for God, preparing your heart to receive His grace and love?

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